When we talk of healing we recognise the essence of Namaste to mean that the person wishing to be healed, and the person facilitating the healing, both acknowledge and know that this capacity already exists. From this point on there just requires the means  to awaken this ability and the willingness for it to take place.

Wanaka resident natural healer Terry Drayton has been exploring and developing this relationship since 1990 – practising and refining many different modalities which embrace a compassionate approach to return his clients to on going balanced health through insight, understanding, guidance and self empowerment.

This journey encompasses all aspects of ones being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also asks total commitment from all parties concerned. This is Terry’s passion that he combines with his love of the beauty of nature which is reflected in the grounds he is developing at his residence in Wanaka.

Namaste Park in Autumn