Transformational Therapies

As a therapist in the natural healing arts, I have had the opportunity to work with many therapeutic modalities. Time in itself is a great healer. However for many of us we are  deeply affected by traumatic incidences from our past. These can be physical in nature but often run a lot deeper leaving emotional or mental scars. We often develop quite distorted behaviour patterns to compensate for the pain we experienced that eventually leave us feeling dissatisfied, frustrated and at the more extreme end of the scale depressed or dysfunctional.

Deep Healing

At this stage we are unable to see how to clear or free ourselves from this veil of unhappiness until we eventually acknowledge that there is a need to turn to someone who has the skills, expertise and understanding to guide us back to a clear and balanced life. This in itself is a big step towards the healing process. Healing at this level is a major commitment and will often ask of you a dedication that may supercede all other matters that are currently active in your life.


I offer an opportunity for this kind of healing to take place. Therapeutic approaches are drug free and based on holistic principles from a wide range of disciplines. Each person is assessed on an individual basis and considerations are made to accommodate the level of commitment you feel you are ready to make at this time in your life. The emphasis is on returning you to a balanced life that you are able to sustain on your own without additional dependencies. Often my clients find themselves opening up to a life they thought would never be able to be experienced.


Initial consultations are designed to assist you to be able to integrate the changes which will arise as your healing unfolds.

You are invited to explore this possibility in your life and to share the essence of what “Namaste” represents.