Reiki is quite simply a name given to a system of working with Universal Life Energy. There are many ways to tap into the essence of life but probably none more simple, rapid and direct than that of Reiki. The system of Reiki is an acquired art that no doubt lies latent within all of us.

It is a science in that it can be explained as there are many quantifiable Universal laws that pure energy will always adhere to. Above all it is a gift, that when opened within us can lead to a complete transformation in our lives and to that of those around us. No one is too old or young to learn how to bring this vibrational expansion into their lives. Reiki is taught in 2-3 day progressive workshops. Essentially you receive a vibrational fine tuning of your individual life force field to that of Universal Source itself. That is why one can obtain the gift to heal so quickly and integrate the practise of self empowerment into everyday life. Reiki can be used as a powerful healing tool to repair, rejuvenate and maintain physical well being. At a much deeper level Reiki works to harmonise and balance us both mentally and emotionally. Because of its holistic nature, anyone practising Reiki will always open up to a pathway of personal growth and transformation.

Reiki Workshops 2023

Covid19 Alert: Workshops held subject to Covid19 restrictions. all attendees must be Covid free and display no virus symptoms.

Reiki One: August. Please enquire
Reiki Two: Please enquire.
Reiki Three: August. Please enquire

Workshops run subject to minimum numbers

Additional workshops run by request.

Personalised Retreats & Guidance

Please enquire for costs and availability.

Workshops are held periodically both in Wanaka and around New Zealand so its worthwhile checking in on a regular basis as these will be updated as the year progresses.

All workshops are subject to numbers which vary with each workshop depending on the nature of the courses and teacher requirements.