Negative and Positive Thoughts

In this age of rampant social media, covid19, mass main stream media alerts, climate change crisis and so called conspiracy theories, there is so many strong thought influences that are affecting and infecting our minds. So a good understanding of the power of our mind is useful to be able to redirect our thought patterns.

It helps to visualise our thoughts as vibrational frequencies. A positive uplifting thought will resonate at one frequency and a negative fearful thought will resonate at another. In other words we are able to affect our health, and our relationship with others, by the thoughts that we hold. So much of what we hear about, or read these days is pointing towards a negative or fearful outcome. This in turn sets up a wavelength which is destructive in nature and affects the very chemistry in our body. If we continue to hold this thought then we subconsciously transmit this, not only to ourselves but also to others.

Admittedly this can be challenging to overcome when this is such a constant negative stream coming our way. It is one thing to stay informed of what is happening in the world around us but it is another thing altogether as to what we choose to align ourselves with. One helpful approach is to pause for a minute and ask yourself – what would be the best possible outcome in the situation I am looking at? To do this you will need to overcome the temptation to ask yourself how this change could possibly take place. What you are doing here is changing the negative thought frequency to that which carries a harmonious resonance. It will take practice to even realise that we are carrying negative thoughts but eventually you will not allow yourself to think , or indeed carry negative impacting thoughts. Likewise you will eventually not adopt the negative thoughts of others. You will hear what others say, recognise the place that they are choosing to be, and then consciously change the thought – or energy – you choose to hold around the event happening or being discussed.

When you have mastered this approach you will see how creative the mind is. And as a consequence you will start to use this creative ability to really manifest your own / chosen reality. Its what we often call “Miracles”, however it is in the reach of all us as we consciously reconnect with the interconnectedness of all that is.