How to Change the World

Or maybe more aptly titled : how to change the world I live in. This is probably at the top of a wish list for many of us. Its important to take stock of the world you subject yourself to as it has a significant impact on what our minds wrestle with. We are all now so connected with virtual reality that our every day life tends to blend with the affairs of the world, the opinions of others and this in turn sets up a very comparative narrative in our minds. This is not to say that it is a bad thing to be aware of the state of the world but it is important to be aware of what is really affecting your reality – your life.

What is happening for me right now – am I starving, am I stone broke, is my country threatened by another country… That’s a reality check as to what is happening right now in your life. Some of the aforementioned, and many other statements you could add, may be relevant to your life but if you took stock of the many fears we accumulate you will find that most of them are virtual. By that I mean that they exist somewhere else but are not actually taking place in your life.

Your world is happening right now, that is where your attention and energy is best directed. Sure, not everything is to your liking, but those are the very factors that need the attention to change the world you live in. The majority of the virtual news you receive you would not even know existed if we didn’t have constant access to the never ending stream of multi media exposures. It is definitely ok to acknowledge what is taking place, both the good and the bad, but we need to be aware of how much thought and emotion we attach to those events.

Simple measures are useful to take the next step – disengagement. By all means take action if you feel your support would enhance or benefit the situation you observe. However don’t linger over the emotion that is associated with the event. Know that you have contributed to the degree of energy and resources you have available at this time – and then let go. If this is difficult then explore if you can execute a ritual or ceremony that only sends love and liberates you from any negative ongoing emotions. Sometimes just taking time out, connecting with nature, being in the company of uncomplicated friends or surrendering in the embrace of your lover or partner is sufficient.

Still caught up? Time to reach out to professional help to learn the wide variety of techniques that foster compassion, empty mind, open heart. Caught up in wild emotions or a constant chatter in our mind ultimately leads to a lack of energy , which in turn can lead to physical impairment or depression. Isolating ourselves only compounds the situation so at the very least reach out to someone you trust, go on to a help line and let your self be lead to the help, support and knowledge that will teach you to not only change your word , but the world around you.