Creating our Future

Maybe best to start by getting a different take on what our future really is. If we look at what our future is constructed of we see that it is a accumulation of all our past events and the choices we make in any given moment. So in reality we are constantly formulating our future which means that it is a very fluid state. Consider your future more as an intention that is only limited by the ideas we have held from the past and the actions we allow ourselves to make in every present moment; right up to the micro second before our future arrives.

Our state of mind is such a critical element when we decide to create a future event. So you could say that we are formulating the life we are choosing to live. Every thought we have is extremely creative and has far reaching influences way beyond just our self. That is why our past plays such an important part in determining our future, as our mind has a great capacity to store thoughts and ideas – both positive and negative. We often talk about the vibes we pick up in the company of others, or at an event. And this is a two way phenomena as the thoughts we carry are also picked up by others. It is this aspect of creation that we haven’t really accounted for in our understanding of creation – we don’t live in a vacuum, thus the thoughts we carry are going to affect others and this is what often causes the distortion in the “perfect” future we had mapped out for ourselves.

This is often described as our subconscious and is best recognised as the undercurrent of thoughts that we are harbouring. Whilst we might desire a perfect outcome we can just as easily still believe it will never happen. This thought , or vibrational frequency has tremendous influence in bringing together all the elements that subscribe to the outcome of our future event. As much as it influences the choices we allow ourselves to make it also affects all the other factors that will contribute to the outcome we have subscribed to. In short, our future may be initiated by ourselves but it is created by the influences we hold that affect every particle that is making up that whole – our state of mind up to and including the moment our present and past meet our future moment – and every other part of creation that participates in that moment.

It is so useful to examine the things we say, the thoughts we carry and the visions we hold for our future. See for yourself if you still hold on to any negative thoughts around the outcome of a future event. Do you have a history , or a story about the doubt of ever being able to achieve an outcome. Is your family, friends, culture or global history telling you that the outcome you desire is impossible or beyond your reach. This self examination may give you some direction on what limitations are still at play. If these still haunt your reality know that there is always assistance to reveal what is lurking in the background of our minds – giving us the ability to begin mastering our minds and being much more in balance in harmonising our future.